The traditional shorelands of the Quinault Indian Nation in Taholah.


We are excited to support organizations and projects throughout Washington State and along our borders. We look forward to working with people who shape our learning through their efforts to improve health equity and advance community aspirations for a vibrant, healthy future in Washington.

The Foundation has a broad view of health and the many factors that contribute to individual, family, and community well-being. That broad view, along with our status as a 501(c)(4) organization, means that we can—and want to—fund a wide range of organizations and projects engaged in advocacy, leadership development, cultural reclamation, community healing, civic participation, organizing, anti-racism work, narrative change, and much more.

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Group Health Foundation accepts sponsorship requests for support of community and culturally specific gatherings, meetings, conferences, and fundraisers. We sponsor events that have short-term benefits of furthering community connection and collective action, and that also make long-term progress toward health equity in Washington State. Recognizing that many organizations are changing their event plans in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, please know that we will consider accommodating requests to support online and virtual gatherings that fit our application criteria.

Event sponsorships support community-led, mission-driven organizations that serve people throughout the state and along our borders. Most sponsorships are $5,000 or less, but in some exceptional cases, we may consider requests up to $25,000. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and must be received at least 60 days before your gathering. Learn more >>

Community Learning Grants

Organizations and communities across Washington are doing powerful work to improve health equity: from grassroots organizing and leadership development, to cultural reclamation and community-centered healing, to civic engagement and policy advocacy. We are eager to support this work.

Community Learning Grants are one way we support organizations who reflect and work closely with their communities. Through these grants, we learn what health equity means for people throughout the state and how we can support the solutions that different organizations are creating to dismantle systemic barriers and foster community well-being. Learn more >>

Equitable Response and Recovery Fund

Group Health Foundation created the Equitable Response and Recovery Fund early in the COVID-19 pandemic to rapidly deploy emergency funding to organizations directly serving and representing Washington communities. When uprisings against racial injustice and police brutality began, we expanded this fund to resource Black-led organizations and cross-racial efforts working to disrupt anti-Black racism, protest white nationalism, and counter disinformation campaigns.

We recognize that Washington communities will continue to face other emergencies, such as climate disasters and ongoing violence. To respond to this moment and be better prepared for the future, this flexible funding supports organizations in filling direct service gaps and immediate needs, while advancing advocacy.

We currently are not able to accept unsolicited requests for this fund.

System, Power, and Action

System, Power, and Action grants support organizations that are working to ensure public policy, public institutions, and public funding are accountable to communities throughout Washington State. The work of grant recipients is diverse, but the organizations share a common goal of creating a just and equitable future.

These organizations are leading powerful advocacy and systems change efforts, including mobilizing for fair housing, food sovereignty, mass liberation, and universal health care, as well as fighting for civil rights of communities of color; transgender and gender nonbinary; Muslim communities; farmworkers; families living with low incomes; people with disabilities; survivors of domestic violence; rural LGBTQ+ youth; immigrants and refugees; and other communities who systematically have been denied justice. To date, the Foundation has granted $15 million to 25 organizations across Washington. See grant recipients >>

At this time, we are not able to accept unsolicited requests for this funding.