The gold and green farmlands surrounding Toppenish.

Our mission

Group Health Foundation will shape and accelerate efforts to improve health equity and advance community aspirations for a vibrant, healthy future in Washington.

Our values

Our work is guided by these core values:

Equity. We are committed to fostering conditions where all people—especially those experiencing racial, social, economic, or political injustice—can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. We will deepen our shared understanding of equity and will insist on a wide range of perspectives to inform our ongoing exploration. We know that cultivating a diverse, inclusive team of board members, staff, and partners is an essential component of this work.

Learning. We believe in the virtues of being a learning organization—an organization that is open to ongoing discovery and dedicated to sharing knowledge from our successes and setbacks. We will ground our efforts in both community wisdom and research. We recognize that communities know what they need to improve health, and we will engage them in meaningful ways to prioritize, design, and support our collective approaches.

Partnership. We will co-create solutions with people and partners across the state—community groups, nonprofits, foundations, academic and research institutions, businesses, tribes, government agencies, and others. We will support and enhance, rather than duplicate or replace, what is working.

Commitment. Addressing health inequities will require a long-term perspective, and we are committed for the duration. We will embrace complexity and be diligent in our long-term planning and strategy development.

Courage. We aspire to be a force for good and unafraid of taking risks. We will pursue big goals that require bold, creative, and sometimes unconventional strategies.

Accountability. We are responsible to communities across the state. We are open to hearing difficult feedback. We will evaluate our efforts and impact, and be transparent about our progress and challenges.

Our equity agreements

Since our beginning, we’ve strived to lead with equity. Our board and staff are continually exploring how we embed equity into the foundations of our organization—from vision and strategy, to learning and community relationship-building, to grantmaking and advocacy, to operations and investing. As part of this work, we’ve developed equity commitments that articulate our shared understanding and agreement on how we can live the Foundation’s commitment to equity. Read more >>

Group Health Foundation staff Muthu Muthiah, Carmen Loh , and Ann Ngo enjoy the landscape on a community visit to Eastern Washington

Group Health Foundation staff Muthu, Carmen, and Ann enjoy the landscape during a staff retreat near Bingen.


Our approaches

As we build relationships with community leaders and organizations and develop our grantmaking strategies, we are reflecting on the experiences and guidance shared by people across Washington about what it means to be a respectful philanthropic partner. To hold ourselves accountable, we have begun to articulate how we will approach critical areas of our work and the decisions we make. Read more >>


Tony Johnson and Nichole June Maher participate in an oyster fry with Tony’s tribe, the Chinook Nation, in Ilwaco, Washington.

Group Health Foundation staff Tony and Nichole take part in an oyster fry with the Chinook Nation in Ilwaco.


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